Ala' Al-Bustanji

63Candidate for Taupo

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Ala' arrived in New Zealand in 2009 and is very grateful and proud of being a New Zealand citizen.

Doing two jobs for the last three years he knows very well what it's like to struggle to afford basic needs in today's New Zealand. That's why Ala' stands for decent wages as one of the simple rights of working people.

Ala' believes that Kiwis can, and will, have a much better quality of life and a great future under a responsible leadership and a government that cares about this country and represents everyone of us. A Labour-led government will put people first and work to reverse the damage to our economy, health system, education system and environment caused by the National government in the last nine years.

Ala' is so passionate about Taupo. It has a great potential for development and growth in such an iconic area. He stands in Taupo hoping to have the chance to fairly represent its people in the parliament after three terms of poor performance by the current National MP. He believes that the National government has let the regions down and that the people of Taupo and the whole South Waikato region feel left behind in many ways.

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