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We know that the one of the best ways we can win the election next year is by embedding paid, trained field organisers in our communities to build Labour’s party vote.

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Bill English: A PM for every New Zealander?

UPDATE: The Abortion Supervisory Committee has called for New Zealand's abortion laws to be updated. Currently, they're forty years old and part of the Crimes Act.

In what's becoming a pattern, Bill English said he'd prefer to stay in the past and ignore that recommendation.

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Bill English: The Beginner's Guide

Today, Bill English becomes the 39th Prime Minister of New Zealand. It’s a position he’s been after for a while ‒ and he’s well known for his disastrous last attempt, where he led the party to their worst ever election result in 2002. Since 2008, he’s been this country’s Finance Minister.

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National by the numbers

What's the real record?

Here are some of the numbers since National came to office in 2008...

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10 reasons it's time to change the Government

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to look back on the political year - and the Nats have had a shocker. We’ve highlighted ten of the ways National has made Kiwis’ lives even harder:

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Our Work, Our Future update

Last night, my Bill to ensure the government buys Kiwi-made was debated in Parliament.

It's a commonsense way to back Kiwi jobs and keep the money the government spends in New Zealand.

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Andrew Little: Speech to the Property Council’s Residential Development Summit

Good afternoon. Thank you for inviting me along today. 

I want to acknowledge Property Council chief executive Connal Townsend and the interim chairman of the Residential Development Council Martin Udale. 

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Labour's legacy: building a better New Zealand

This weekend, I've been out knocking on doors in Mt Roskill, supporting Michael Wood, and talking to Kiwis about the issues that matter to them. As you go around and talk to people, the achievements of earlier Labour Governments are all around you.

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Promises to Pike families must be kept

Six years on from the Pike River disaster, the memory of that day still burns strong, and the families still wait for the Government to make good on its promises. They are still waiting for justice.

Mining communities are special. The work creates a tight bond – your life depends on the person next to you. That spirit of solidarity flows through the whole community. When I was head of the EPMU, the miners were always some of our staunchest members. They stand beside each other no matter what. When tragedy struck, it hit everyone hard.

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The Kaikoura Earthquakes

I had the opportunity to join the PM's flight today over the parts of the South Island hardest hit by last night's earthquake.

It was a sobering journey. This massive force of nature has seen huge land slips and blocked our main national highway in many places. Seeing hundreds of metres of rail tracks ripped off their sleepers and pushed across the neighbouring road was jarring. This is going to be a long and expensive repair job.

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