Go ask WINZ

"All I can say to people if somebody is homeless they should go see Winz."

- John Key on what desperate families living in cars should do.

Here's 5 reasons why going to WINZ won’t necessarily help if you’re homeless:

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Budget 2016 - who's it for?

Amidst the deluge of data, accounting tricks and astronomical sounding numbers that you will see in the Budget next week, there is one critical thing to look for - people.  

Ultimately a Budget is about a government's priorities and where they lie when it comes to spending the money they are charged with looking after on our behalf. The question to ask is who this Budget will be for?  

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The Whipping Post

The House has been sitting this week, so without further ado, here's a look at what's been happening in the political world.

Health hath fury

The reality of the Government’s underfunding of health was outlined at a summit convened by Andrew Little, Annette King and Grant Robertson on Monday. Speakers included Warren Lindberg from the Public Health Association, Julie Haggie from the Home and Community Health Association, Jenn Lawless from the NZ nurses organisation and Platform’s Marion Blake.  

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The Whipping Post

It's a sitting week, so without further ado, here's the week in retrospect:

Fired up

There were whoops of delight as Andrew Little’s Healthy Homes Bill passed its first reading on Wednesday night. The bill makes it compulsory for all rentals to have efficient insulation, heating and ventilation. As expected National and Act voted against it, siding with those landlords who care more about bottom lines than tenants’ health, rather than the tens of thousands of kids who are ending up in hospital because of cold, damp living conditions. 

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Questions from Iraq

I have just returned from a visit to Camp Taji in Iraq to meet with the New Zealand troops and see for myself the situation they are dealing with.

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Healthy homes for all

Remember Emma-Lita Bourne? She died last year from causes the Coroner attributed to the appallingly “unhealthy” state house rented by her family.

Children’s Commissioner Russell Wills says the effects of cold, mouldy and damp housing on kids contributes to 42,000 hospital admissions and 15 deaths each year.

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Western Springs - better bang for your buck

Recent talk of a stadium on Auckland’s waterfront costing hundreds of millions is all very well, but how about seeing an old treasure through new eyes and planning for the future of Western Springs. With the amount of use the area gets, I can’t think of better bang for the ratepayer buck.

At the moment Western Springs is a collection of disparate elements – but it could be a beautifully-designed whole. It’s crying out for it. Think about what’s currently there.

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Returning to Labour's Roots

Blackball is Labour's spiritual home – a mining town with strong and deep roots in the union movement and organised Labour. The 'cribtime' strike at Blackball in 1908 created the national union structure in New Zealand. The fight for better conditions at work began there and in other towns like Blackball, at the end of the 19th and start of the 20th Centuries.

And last weekend, Andrew Little headed to the Labour Party Region 5 (top of the South Island) regional conference, held in Blackball to celebrate Labour's Centenary.

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The Whipping Post

A run down of what's been happening around the traps this week

The good

Inside the Beltway

It’s often said that Parliament exists in its own little world and that politicians live on another planet. In reality it’s far more down to earth, as Andrew Little shows in this video, shot last Tuesday. 

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Speech to NZ Planning Institute conference

Thank you for the invitation to speak today. Ever since Bill English said he wasn’t going to allow 20 planners to hold the economy to ransom I’ve been intrigued by your profession’s power and influence.

Who would have believed urban form would become one of the country’s hottest political issues?

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