Brooke Loader

57Candidate for Waikato

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Brooke Loader believes that a focus on education, employment, and regional development will build safe and strong communities in the Waikato and in New Zealand.  

Labour will do this by promoting post-school education, apprenticeships, innovation and decent jobs within the region to create a sense of pride in our communities. As a part of this focus, Labour will make community policing a priority and create a safer environment for rural towns.

Brooke considers the promotion of regional development through sustainable primary industry, supporting small business and developing robust transport and infrastructure to be key considerations in the development of the Waikato.

Brooke is a litigation lawyer specialising in indigenous issues, advocating on behalf of a diverse range of clients on issues of a nationwide significance.  She grew up in the South Auckland area, is a mother to Isabelle (2), is passionate about the arts and is committed to the Waikato.