Deborah Russell

MP for New Lynn

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Deborah is deeply committed to fairness and equality.  In a truly egalitarian society, each person knows they are valued, and that they belong. 

To achieve this, we need secure housing, high-quality education, decent healthcare, and good incomes.  That’s what Deborah wants to work towards for the people of New Lynn. 

Deborah is a tax expert, and she is a regular commentator on economic, social and political issues.  She has worked in the private sector, including running her own small consulting company, and in the public sector, as well as lecturing at universities in Australia and New Zealand.  Deborah’s doctoral thesis was on multiculturalism, looking at the ways that people from different ethnicities and countries can live alongside and with each other in thriving societies. 

Deborah lives in the New Lynn electorate.  She and her husband Malcolm have three teenage daughters, Ruth (18), Sophia (15) and Bridgid (15).

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