Gaurav Sharma

70Candidate for Hamilton West

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Gaurav is a New Zealand trained medical doctor, entrepreneur, and advocate for refugee rights. His greatest concern approaching this election is the $2.3 billion underfunding of our health system, particularly the unaddressed mental health needs of New Zealand citizens. However, he is also a strong proponent of investing in our public transport system, especially in a commuter train between Hamilton and Auckland; helping young Kiwis get a foot in the world of work; and doubling our refugee quota.

After migrating to New Zealand from India in 1996 with just $250 in his pockets, Gaurav's father struggled to find work and was homeless for a time, sleeping on park benches and eating at a mission shelter. That's why Gaurav understands and is dedicated to helping the 40,000 New Zealanders currently living on the streets or in emergency housing and substandard shelters.

From an early age, Gaurav gave his time volunteering as a caregiver in a rest home and providing respite care to children with special needs. Through this experience, Gaurav was introduced to New Zealand’s health care system and motivated to study medicine. He enrolled at the University of Auckland’s medical school and spent his medical training with Waikato Hospital in Hamilton where he established strong personal connections.

Gaurav is committed to the future of Hamilton and if elected will be a powerful advocate for the city.