Greg O'Connor

Candidate for Ōhāriu

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Greg’s aspiration is that every person in Ōhāriu should have the same opportunities as previous generations.

As the electorate’s strong advocate in Parliament, he will fight for full and fairly rewarded job opportunities, affordable housing, accessible health services and safety for our community.

Greg represented the Police Association for two decades until he stepped down last year. He has proven himself as an advocate for those he represents. These skills and experience will make him a committed and forthright MP, dedicated to the unique needs of each suburb and community in Ōhāriu.

Under our current National-led government, Greg sees that fair jobs, housing and healthcare are becoming out of reach for many, especially younger people. The next generation of Ōhāriu residents will be as affected by this policy failure as the rest of New Zealand

Labour wants to give every New Zealander access to the Kiwi Dream, and Greg is proud to stand for the party to make this happen.

He has experience as a company director and in the law and order and disability sectors, particularly as the father of an intellectually disabled son. Greg will use the skills and knowledge he has acquired to advocate for the people of Ōhāriu on a national level.

He’s played rugby for both Tawa and Western Suburbs, and taken part in theatre productions at the Khandallah Arts Theatre.

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