Jin An

53Candidate for Upper Harbour

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Jin An is a 1.5 generation Korean-Kiwi who grew up in the thriving multicultural city of Auckland.

She's met people from all walks of life throughout the Upper Harbour electorate and seen the strength and courage amongst the community. But there are signs that things are not going in the right direction. Under National, our health services have been cut, child poverty is increasing, and the housing crisis is getting worse. Jin's standing to be Labour MP for Upper Harbour because she wants to take action to strengthen the community.

Jin studied Sociology and Law at university and pursued a career in criminal justice and social advocacy. She helped set up a domestic violence support centre for Asian women and work as a prosecutor in west Auckland.

If elected MP for Upper Harbour, she will serve the people of Upper Harbour and work to improve the lives of all Kiwis. Our country needs a positive change this election, and Jin urges you to vote Labour on September 23 to change the government.