Marja Lubeck

Labour List MP

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Marja believes in fighting for the rights of working people.

If elected MP for Rodney, Marja will be dedicated to improving the lives of every person in the electorate. She believes in fair policies that allow hard-working people to get ahead.

Under National, many New Zealanders cannot make ends meet no matter how many hours they put in.

In Marja’s roles working for trade unions, including four terms as president of the Flight Attendant and Related Services Association and now as E tū Director of Organising (Aviation), she’s witnessed first-hand the erosion of workers’ rights by successive National governments.

Marja is an experienced negotiator, and would be a strong advocate for Rodney in Parliament. As a qualified lawyer and the lead advocate in negotiations with the airlines that operate out of New Zealand, she’s settled many large scale collective and multi union collective agreements for hard-working people.

Marja is proud to stand with Labour, the party with the aspiration to help the next generation and address the fundamental issues of housing, jobs, health, safer communities and education.

She is a proud New Zealander and a proud immigrant. Marja arrived in New Zealand in 1989 and has lived in Rodney for 10 years with her husband Shane and son Max.

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