Michelle Lomax

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Michelle qualified as a lawyer before moving to the South Island’s beautiful West Coast. She has three daughters and three sons, who are mostly grown up now. She has been active in her community of Westport, including as an elected member of the West Coast District Health Board since 2013, and as a St John Cadets Area Youth Manager, and Chair of her local high school board of trustees.

It’s her experience as a mother and in the community that motivated her to stand as a Labour candidate. She’s really concerned about how hard it is for families and kids these days. Almost 300,000 of our kids are living in poverty, with nearly 150,000 of them in significant material hardship and 10,000 homeless.

Michelle believes all our children should have the opportunities she had when she was growing up. She had the opportunity to be the first person in her family to earn a professional degree, and to give her kids a better life than she had had. And that’s what she wants for all Kiwi kids, not just the lucky ones.

Michelle is committed to helping Labour win the election in September to get our country heading back in the right direction.