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69Candidate for Coromandel

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Nathaniel is a Coromandel local from a long-established, hard-working family that settled in Te Puru. A qualified chef and budding landscaper, Nathaniel currently works in tourism at Tairua.  He is married to Mel; they have three young children.

The Coromandel, with its distinctive beauty and natural resources, offers the best place to live in New Zealand in Nathaniel’s view. But he also knows the area deserves decent jobs, quality education, good healthcare, and responsible stewardship and management of our abundant resources.

That’s why he’s working hard for a change of government - to see more workers earning a living wage that enables someone working full-time to not live in poverty; for high-quality healthcare for all that’s not at the expense of over-worked and under-paid healthcare staff; to achieve free education that’s not subsidised by so-called donations; to fund tertiary study for all who qualify, and raise the skills levels of the country as a whole; and to improve housing affordability for all members of society, both owners and renters.

Nathaniel and Labour want to address roading and transport problems; and preserve and protect our fisheries by looking after the interests of recreational fishers, and encouraging sustainable, environmentally-friendly commercial fishing practices.

Nathaniel is standing for Labour because he believes that Labour is the party of the many, not the few, and together we can govern in the best interests of all New Zealanders.

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