Phil Goff

MP for Mt Roskill

Spokesperson for Defence
Spokesperson for Ethnic Communities
Associate Veterans' Affairs Spokesperson

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Phil Goff is committed to Labour principles of all people having a fair go and everyone having the opportunity to realise their potential and provide a good life for their families. These values are reflected in his hard work and committment on behalf of his constituents and his passionate advocacy in the House. 

Phil is married to Mary and has three children. He loves fishing, hunting, farming and watching rugby and league.

Phil Goff is one of NZ's most experienced and competent politicians.

He has served 15 years as a Cabinet Minister, covering portfolios such as Trade, Foreign Affairs, Defence, Disarmament, Justice, Education, Housing and the Environment.

Among his most important achievements for New Zealand was negotiating this country's free trade agreement with China and initiating our international education industry.

  • Phil Goff has assiduously represented Mt Roskill for 10 terms of Parliament.
  • He has strong electorate support which crosses party lines.
  • He has been a senior Cabinet Minister in the Fourth and Fifth Labour Governments.
  • In each of his Ministerial portfolios he has established a reputation for achievement, new ideas and competent performance.

Contact Phil Goff

Mt Roskill electorate office

Address: 503A Mt Albert Rd, Three Kings, Auckland
Phone: 09 624 2278

Parliamentary office

Address: Freepost PO Box 18 888, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160
Phone: 04 817 6775

Latest from Phil Goff

Don’t rush into military commitment, warns Labour

December 10, 2015

New Zealand should not rush into committing combat forces to Iraq, says Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff

US Secretary of Defence, Ash Carter, has called on New Zealand to make further military commitments to the war in Iraq.


Committee rejects families’ plea for hearing

December 04, 2015

It is appalling the Government rejected a plea by families to return the remains of soldiers killed in Malaya and Vietnam to New Zealand, Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff, who presented their case, says.

Their request was voted down by Government MPs on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee yesterday.  

Customs review raises questions about border protection

December 03, 2015

Serious questions have emerged about the capacity of the Defence Force to protect New Zealand’s borders, Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff says.

“Today’s financial review of Customs reveals it can’t do the job of providing surveillance of what it defines as the highest risk areas.

Courage of Defence personnel not forgotten

December 03, 2015

Labour Defence spokesperson Phil Goff has paid tribute to the New Zealand Defence Force personnel awarded medals for gallantry.

“The soldiers who received decorations for gallantry in Afghanistan and South Sudan upheld the proud traditions of New Zealand soldiers in the courage and leadership they showed in combat.  New Zealand can be proud of them and the service they have given to their country”, Phil Goff said.

NZDF stupid to reject Iraqi-born Kiwi

October 28, 2015

The NZDF’s refusal to enlist a young woman just because she was born in Iraq is plain stupid, says Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff.

Warda Jawad,25, was told her application to join the Defence Force was rejected on security grounds because she was born in Iraq, despite the fact she came to New Zealand when she was 3.

Government response to families’ pleas arrogant and unreasonable

October 15, 2015

Pleas by the families of veterans who died during deployments to Vietnam and Malaysia to have the remains of their loved ones returned home have fallen on deaf ears, Labour’s Veterans' Affairs spokesperson, Phil Goff says.

“With a change of policy by the Australian Government and the New Zealand RSA to support repatriation, the least the Government could have done was to allow a review of its policy. 

Defence Force numbers slashed

September 29, 2015

A previously secret report reveals plans to slash hundreds more positions in the New Zealand Defence Force, says Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff.

“The Establishment Review Report, released to me under the Official Information Act, recommends further staff cuts across the Defence Force. Over 700 positions will be affected.

More talk as Auckland congestion worsens

August 27, 2015

The main impact of the Government’s agreement with Auckland Council today will be simply to delay still further decisions needed to relieve the city’s traffic congestion, says Labour’s Auckland Issues Spokesperson, Phil Goff.

“Government has been aware for more than six years that Auckland’s population is outstripping the ability of its transport infrastructure to cope.

Bill raises bar to protect Kiwi farmland

July 22, 2015

The Government’s rubber-stamping of every one of the nearly 400 applications from overseas investors to buy New Zealand farm land over the last three years proves tougher laws are needed, Labour MP Phil Goff says.

“In the last term of the National government, ministers and the Overseas Investment Office didn’t decline any of 370 applications received from overseas investors to purchase agricultural land.

Learn from mistakes or risk repeating tragedy

June 15, 2015

The New Zealand Defence Force needs to learn from the mistakes at Baghak or it risks a repeat of the tragedy there, says Labour’s Defence spokesperson, Phil Goff.

Two New Zealand soldiers Rory Malone and Pralli Durrer were killed in the battle of Baghak during their deployment in Afghanistan in 2012. A further six were wounded, two by fire from their own side.

Bill proposes protection for heritage trees

June 04, 2015

A study showing Auckland has scant protection for its heritage trees and its limited remaining bush coverage highlights the need for a law change, says Labour’s Auckland Issues Spokesperson, Phil Goff.

“The study reinforces public concerns in March about the proposed felling of a centuries old Kauri tree in Titirangi, with Council granting a non-notified consent for its destruction. 

Ramadi proves Iraq deployment high risk, low benefit

May 26, 2015

The fall of Ramadi and the collapse of the Iraqi Army proves Labour was right to be concerned about the deployment of our troops to Iraq, Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff says.

“The fall of Ramadi brings IS fighters within striking distance of Taji camp where New Zealand soldiers are based just 100km away.

Action needed on decades old arms promise

April 28, 2015

Nuclear weapons states must honour the unequivocal promise they made 45 years ago to disarm, says Labour’s Disarmament Spokesperson Phil Goff.

Mr Goff is attending the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference at the United Nations in New York.

Cabinet paper reveals weak case for Iraq deployment

April 22, 2015

A heavily redacted copy of a Cabinet paper on New Zealand’s military deployment to Iraq reveals how weak the case is for military involvement in that conflict, says Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff.

 The paper warns that given the failure of US and NATO efforts to train the Iraqi Army, the deployment of New Zealand trainers ‘may not achieve the desired results’ while increasing the risk of New Zealand being targeted by IS. 

Scrutiny of battlefield deaths should continue

April 17, 2015

As New Zealand troops head to Iraq under a shroud of secrecy, the Government is pushing ahead with legislation to remove independent scrutiny of incidents where Kiwi soldiers are killed in hostile action overseas, Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff says.

Changes proposed to the Coroners Act will prohibit a coroner from launching an inquiry into the death of a Defence Force member if it occurred during hostile action on operational service.

Clear message handed to nuclear states

April 08, 2015

MPs Phil Goff, Shane Reti and Marama Fox are due to meet with diplomats from the United Kingdom, Russia, the United States, China and France tomorrow to hand deliver a letter calling for their countries to disarm their nuclear weapons.

The letter, with more than 60 signatures attached, is signed by MPs from every political party in Parliament.

Nuclear deal with Iran should be just the start

April 07, 2015

A deal struck by Iran and major powers to ensure the Iranian facilities producing nuclear material are not used for the purpose of constructing nuclear weapons has been a long time coming, Labour’s Disarmament spokesperson Phil Goff says.

“Undoubtedly Iran’s position in reaching agreement was influenced by the sanctions imposed by Western nations, which will be lifted when the final deal is signed.

Defence Force’s Hotshots given cold shoulder

April 02, 2015

The latest victim of the Government’s cost-cutting drive looks set to be an organisation that has provided vital services and support to defence force staff and their families for 67 years, Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff says.

“Labour understands Gerry Brownlee is planning to privatise the operations of the Armed Forces Canteen Council, with the potential loss of up to 80 jobs.

Council can stop Port’s encroachment on harbour

March 23, 2015

As owner of the Port of Auckland, Council can stop the wharf extension and reclamation if it wants to, says Labour’s Auckland Issues spokesperson Phil Goff.

‘As owner the council is custodian of the port and harbour on behalf of all Aucklanders. It has the right and the power to protect the harbour from damage by further commercial encroachment.

Sikh community deserves fair consideration

March 17, 2015

The Government must clarify where and when Sikhs can wear a kirpan – a ceremonial dagger which their religion requires them to always carry, Labour’s spokesperson for Ethnic Communities Phil Goff says.

“While I welcome the Prime Minister’s commitment to ensure that Sikhs are not discriminated against in being prevented from wearing the kirpan in public, clearly more weight will attach to legislation allowing this than a statement at a press conference.

Labour proposes law change to protect heritage trees

March 13, 2015

Labour is pledging to introduce legislation to provide automatic protection to heritage trees to ensure situations such as the one in Auckland where a decades old Kauri came close to being felled by property developers doesn’t happen again.

“An overwhelming majority of Aucklanders wanted this tree saved,” Labour’s Auckland Issues spokesperson Phil Goff said.

New Zealand should purchase Munro medals

March 05, 2015

Les Munro is one of New Zealand’s greatest living war veterans and his medals should be purchased and kept in New Zealand, Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff says.

“Labour is calling on the Government to purchase these medals which are being donated by former Squadron Leader Les Munro to auction in London to raise money for the Bomber Command Memorial Fund.

John Key wrong about Labour’s war vote

February 25, 2015

John Key’s desperate claims that the former Labour Government didn’t put combat troop deployment to a Parliamentary vote are simply wrong, Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff says.

“It was disgraceful that the Prime Minister ran rough shod over democracy and denied Parliament a vote on sending soldiers to Iraq.

Brownlee’s Iraq comments not credible

February 10, 2015

Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee’s claim that training underway for deployment of New Zealand troops to Iraq "does not pre-empt any Cabinet decision" is not credible, says Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff.

"The Government decided to send troops to Iraq long ago. Gerry Brownlee’s office admitted on 2December 2014 that contingency training was already underway.

Effective action needed against pirate fishing boats

January 20, 2015

New Zealand’s failure to detain pirate shipping vessels poaching endangered species in our region is simply not good enough, Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff says.

“We send New Zealand naval vessels to the Arabian Gulf to board pirate ships there but seem to lack the ability to detain pirate fishing boats in our own back yard.

Time for Govt to come clean on deployment

December 04, 2014

The National Government is refusing to come clean about pre-deployment training for Iraq because they cannot justify their decision to deploy our troops, Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff says.

“John Key and Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee have already decided to commit our Defence Force; that is why training is underway.

IGIS report a damning indictment on former spy boss

November 25, 2014

The report by Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security into the release of classified documents is a sad and damning indictment on former spy boss Warren Tucker, Labour’s MP for Mount Roskill and former leader Phil Goff says. 

“This report upholds the integrity and credibility of my actions and statements at the time.

Briefing reveals Defence facilities ‘increasingly unfit for purpose’

November 12, 2014

The Defence Briefing to the Incoming Minister reveals a deteriorating state in Defence facilities that are no longer fit for purpose, says Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff.

 “The briefing is heavily censored but still reveals that Defence camps, bases and training areas are in a bad state of repair, and getting worse.

Policing Cost Recovery Targets Wrong Areas

November 04, 2014

Legislation allowing Police to recover costs for the services they provide targets the wrong areas, says Labour Acting Police Spokesperson Phil Goff.

Mr Goff was speaking on the First Reading of the Policing Cost Recovery Amendment Bill in Parliament today.

Second rate deal a no go - Goff

October 28, 2014

A second rate deal on dairy in the TPP would totally contradict the agreed purpose of the Pacific trade agreement, Labour’s Trade spokesperson, Phil Goff says.

“Both the origin of the trade negotiations and leaders’ statements on its objectives emphasise that the TPP was to be a high quality and comprehensive agreement.

Key misled New Zealand on Iraq deployment

October 21, 2014


John Key was misleading New Zealanders prior to the election when he ruled out New Zealand special forces being deployed to Iraq, says Labour Defence Spokesperson Phil Goff. 

“Post-election he has cynically disregarded that by saying that deployment of the SAS to Iraq is now ‘definitely an option’

Key commits to deployment before consultation or analysis

October 15, 2014

John Key’s offer to consult Opposition parties on whether to deploy New Zealand forces against ISIS looks increasingly like a PR exercise only, says Labour’s Defence spokesperson, Phil Goff.

“The presence of New Zealand’s Chief of Defence Force at a meeting in Washington discussing a coordinated military approach to ISIS suggests that in reality John Key is already committed to a military deployment.

Rebuilding the New Zealand Defence Force

September 01, 2014

A Labour Government will make it a priority to rebuild the capacity of the Defence Force to carry out the tasks expected of it, says Labour’s Defence Spokesperson Phil Goff.

Releasing Labour’s Defence Policy today he said the NZDF has stated that it could not guarantee being able to sustain an international peacekeeping operation beyond 12 months.

“From a situation where New Zealand in fact sustained continuously three major deployments – in Timor Leste, the Solomons and Afghanistan for more than nine years under Labour- this shows how badly the Defence Force capacity has been degraded.

Improving life for our new New Zealanders

August 25, 2014

New Zealand’s international standing as a community that encourages and fosters all cultures will be bolstered under a Labour Government with an upgrade of the present Office of Ethnic Affairs to a Ministry.

Releasing Labour’s Ethnic Affairs policy, spokesperson Phil Goff said it will enable the growing ethnic communities in New Zealand to be better heard and their needs to be taken into account in the policy process.


Political staff should give answers under oath

August 22, 2014

The Inspector General of Security and Intelligence should use her full statutory powers to question witnesses under oath about the leak of SIS information, says Labour MP Phil Goff.

“Leakage of confidential information from the SIS for political purposes is sufficiently serious for the Inspector General Cheryl Gwyn to use the full powers available to her to question those likely to have been involved.

Inquiry into SIS disclosures the right decision

August 20, 2014

Labour MP Phil Goff says the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security has done the right thing by launching an inquiry into the disclosure of SIS documents about a meeting between himself and the agency’s former director-general.

“This inquiry is necessary for the public to be confident the SIS was not manipulated by the Government to serve its own political purposes.

Veterans short-changed by new Act

July 31, 2014

National Government reasons for rejecting a recommendation by the Law Commission to give veterans a payment to cover funeral expenses don’t stack up, says Labour’s Veterans’ Affairs spokesperson, Phil Goff.

The Veterans’ Support Bill passed its Third Reading in Parliament last night, excluding the payment recommended by the Commission and supported by the RSA and veterans.

SPEECH: Contemporary China Research Centre

July 02, 2014

Speech by Hon Phil Goff MP, Labour Trade Spokesperson, Victoria University, 2 July 2014

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