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FTA with India good to grow New Zealand’s economy

Labour Associate Ethnic Affairs Spokesperson Raymond Huo says a new Asia New Zealand Foundation (Asia: NZ) report emphasises the importance of a Free Trade Agreement with India.

Raymond Huo, who is also a board member of Asia: NZ, said the report, ‘New Zealand and the South-Asia Diasporas’ points out that no South Asian country features in the top 25 trading partners of New Zealand.

Carter to welcome Sikh holy texts

Labour’s Ethnic Affairs Spokesperson Chris Carter will join the Sikh community tomorrow in Auckland to welcome the holiest texts of the Sikh religion to New Zealand.

The Guru Granth Sahib is a collection of documents compiled by gurus (teachers and leaders) of the Sikh religion between 1469 and 1708. The documents are touring Australia and New Zealand before returning to their home at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.

Huo humbled by Youth MP response

New Zealand’s political future is bright if the next generation of aspiring leaders is anything to go by, says Labour Associate Ethnic Affairs Spokesperson Raymond Huo.

Auckland-based Mr Huo said "I have been flooded with applications from young Kiwis to be my Youth MP. Applicants have come from as far away as Lower Hutt and across a range of different ethnic communities including Kiwis of Chinese, Indian, Korean, Pacific Island, Maori and Pakeha heritage," said Raymond Huo.

Wong needs to stop talking and start doing

National’s preoccupation with holding even more talkfests will do nothing to solve the alarming problem of increasing Asian unemployment in New Zealand, says Labour Associate Ethnic Affairs spokesperson Raymond Huo.

“Ethnic Affairs Minister Pansy Wong seems to sit on the sidelines,” Raymond Huo said. “Instead of advocating for Asian New Zealanders, she prefers to sit down for yet another chat show.

FTAs with Asia good for our economy

Labour Associate Ethnic Affairs spokesperson Raymond Huo says the Asia New Zealand Foundation (Asia: NZ) survey Perceptions of Asia has struck a chord with New Zealanders who realise the importance of having strong connections with Asia.

Raymond Huo, who is also a board member of Asia: NZ, said the survey found that 80 percent of New Zealanders see the Asian region as being important to New Zealand’s future.

Wong urged to become a real voice for growing number of ethnic unemployed

Labour Associate Ethnic Affairs spokespersons Raymond Huo and Rajen Prasad are urging Ethnic Affairs Minister Pansy Wong to speak out forcefully on the rising ethnic unemployment rate before even more ethnic people are forced on the dole.

“With the Asian unemployment rate hitting 9.2 percent, the Minister for Ethnic Affairs must take immediate action to advocate within government to help jobless Asian people,” Raymond Huo said. “Asian unemployment in New Zealand is now higher than the national average with 21,200 Asian people without jobs.”

Huo congratulates aspiring Kiwi-Asian journalist

Labour Associate Ethnic Affairs spokesperson Raymond Huo has congratulated Corazon Miller for being the inaugural recipient of the Asia New Zealand Foundation Kiwi-Asian Journalism Scholarship.

“As the first recipient of this scholarship, Corazon Miller will lead the way for other aspiring Kiwi-Asian journalists who may wish to contribute in this modern era of bridge building across cultures and countries,” said Raymond Huo.

Huo welcomes change of heart on Asian voice

Labour is welcoming the Government’s change of heart on ensuring Asian communities will have a voice in Auckland’s new super council, says the party’s Associate Ethnic Affairs Spokesperson Raymond Huo.

“I have been calling on the Government to establish an Asian Advisory board or committee on the new council for some time and was disappointed when it voted against my proposed amendment to do so.

Huo applauds launch of Asia-New Zealand business project

A significant step has been taken in improving business opportunities between New Zealand and Asia, says Labour’s Associate Ethnic Affairs Spokesperson Raymond Huo.

The Business Education Partnership, launched this week by the Asia New Zealand Foundation, is about preparing the next generation of business people for a future increasingly dominated by Asian economies.

Chinese film industry can benefit New Zealand

The 2009 Chinese Film Festival will be an excellent showcase of China’s creative talent and could open the door to collaborations between the film industries here and in China, says Labour Associate Ethnic Affairs spokesperson Raymond Huo.

“With the success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the infrastructure and skills created at Weta Workshop, there is now a window of opportunity through the Free Trade Agreement for Chinese film companies to shoot their productions in New Zealand – providing another boost to our film industry,” Raymond Huo said.


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