John Banks’ legacy alive and well

The Government has used a Ministerial press release to announce it has snatched millions of dollars unlawfully from bodies corporate, Labour’s Revenue spokesperson David Clark says.

A statement issued by Revenue Minister Todd McClay says the Government is cancelling registration for those who have been GST registered as of last Friday. This means double-taxation for affected bodies corporate.

Labour calls on Government to release FATCA agreement

Revenue Minister Todd McClay must release the text of the Inter-Governmental Agreement which affects tens of thousands of Kiwis who were born or have worked in the United States, Labour’s Revenue spokesperson David Clark says.

National is about to pass legislation to ratify an agreement between the US and New Zealand which requires our Government to hand over details of Kiwis’ bank accounts. This change is in line with the American FATCA legislation which enables the US to gather information about its citizens’ offshore income.

National's tax dodge


National’s insistence that it is cracking down on tax dodgers is little more than a bit of election year chest beating, Labour Leader David Cunliffe says.

“Revenue Minister Todd McClay surely doesn’t believe collecting $100 million of an estimated $7.3 billion a year in unpaid tax proves the Government is playing hardball.

 “The problem is far deeper and more systemic than National is willing to confront.

Child support changes will confuse and frustrate

Angry parents will be sent into a tailspin and there will be arguments over Christmas dinner after Inland Revenue shelved child support changes for a year, Labour’s Revenue spokesperson David Clark says.

Is IRD hiding bad news or a failed IT system?

The publication of Inland Revenue’s annual performance measures is already one week overdue.

There are two possible explanations, says Labour’s Revenue spokesperson David Clark.

“Either the outdated IT system is causing issues, or the Government is preparing to bury worrying trends in its traditional Christmas document dump.

“Either way, this is a bad news story.

“Revelations this week that self-employed debt is growing – with more than $1 billion owed to the public purse – are just the beginning. Hundreds of individuals owe more than $1 million each.

Labour will simplify small business tax

A Labour government will substantially simplify tax for small businesses, Labour Leader David Cunliffe says.

David Cunliffe made this commitment to a business audience hosted by Ernst and Young in Auckland.

“Small businesses are spending far too much time and money complying with a tax system that wasn’t designed for them.

Government tinkers around R and D tax deductibility

The Government’s call for feedback to resolve problems around the tax deductibility of research and development expenditure for businesses is more tinkering and shows a government out of touch with the needs of business, says Labour’s Innovation, Research & Development spokesperson Megan Woods and Revenue spokesperson David Clark.

“We don’t need small scale thinking, we need a big bold initiative that will allow businesses to do what they do best: innovate,” says Megan Woods.

Big challenges for new Revenue minister

The Revenue portfolio is in disarray following the departure of distracted former Minister Peter Dunne, Labour’s Revenue spokesperson David Cunliffe said today.

“New Minister Todd McClay will have his work cut out catching the egg that is IRD before it hits the floor.

“Peter Dunne, the rotating quasi-official who previously held the portfolio, got completely lost in the weeds of iPad and car park taxes. He was effectively captured by his officials.

Key and Dunne at odds on IRD service

The Prime Minister is further distancing himself from Revenue Minister and United Future Leader Peter Dunne as IRD’s customer service gets worse, Labour’s Revenue Spokesperson David Cunliffe says.

“This year John Key has twice thrown his coalition partner under the bus by publicly announcing back downs on Mr Dunne’s unfair and unworkable car park and iPad taxes.

Looming customer service crisis at IRD

A mounting crisis in IRD’s customer service is unfair to honest New Zealanders who are trying to comply with their tax obligations, Labour’s Revenue Spokesperson David Cunliffe says.

“Peter Dunne swears his department is adequately staffed to deal with the rate changes which hit Kiwis in the pocket this month, despite slashing IRD’s workforce by seven per cent last year.


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