Sarb Johal

49List Candidate

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Sarb believes every New Zealander has the right to fulfill their potential, no matter who they are or where they come from.  
Sarb's values are also the Labour Party’s values of fairness and equality. He believes that health, housing, and education together are critical to give the best opportunity for people to succeed.  
Sarb has dedicated his career to mental health and wellbeing for over 25 years in both New Zealand and the UK, including specialist work in clinical psychology and disaster mental health. He is deeply concerned about the state of mental health care in New Zealand and the wellbeing of our families, children, parents and vulnerable and marginalised people.  
He has worked all over New Zealand, assisting and advising in emergencies and disasters, and is proud to know and see the dedication of the staff tasked to help others. But there is tremendous strain in the health systems, and Labour will reverse National's health cuts.