Save Burwood Birthing Unit

Burwood Hospital in Christchurch is being redeveloped and repaired post-earthquake. The Birthing Unit was always going to be relocated somewhere in the East of Christchurch. The unit specialises in whanau centred care and women from all over Canterbury use the facility. They welcome families to attend and stay over to support the new mum through the birth.

The Valentines Day Quake saw the unit close as a precaution, but it has not re-opened and in fact asbestos has been named as a problem. The DHB have no choice but to keep it closed.

We need to pressure the Government to provide a birthing unit in Christchurch East and retain all the fabulous nurses and midwives.

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We, the undersigned, call on John Key and the Government to fund the Canterbury DHB to retain the Burwood Birthing Unit.

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