Stuart Nash


MP for Napier

Spokesperson for Police, Forestry, & Economic Development (including Regional Development).

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As a businessman and a politician, I firmly believe that only through being smarter than the competition will NZ achieve any sort of sustainable global competitive advantage. The simple reality is that we are a small economy a long way from major markets, therefore we need to be innovative in business in the same way we are on the sports field. This is a fantastic country, but until we get the fiscal settings right, we will struggle to maximise all opportunities around economic development.

As a family man, I know we need to provide a reason for our young, smart and globally-engaged people to make NZ home. As Sir Paul Callaghan said, we need to ensure NZ becomes ‘a place where talent wants to live’

The issues that matter to me:

  • Jobs, jobs and jobs: creating opportunity for the thousands of Kiwis who just want a fair go.
  • 270,000 NZ kids in child poverty is the Nation’s shame. Govt policy can make a difference.
  • Refocusing healthcare around prevention as well as cure (2 in 3 adults are either overweight or obese; massive burden on the health system that will only get worse).
  • Putting more money in the pockets of the vast majority of hard working Kiwis who are struggling to make ends meet.
  • Equitable tax system: it makes no sense that different forms of investment are subject to different tax rules: no capital gains tax simply doesn’t make sense.
  • Education is the key: it provides opportunities where they otherwise wouldn’t exist. Equality of opportunity is what we must strive for.

I am involved in politics because I believe that I have the skills, experience and passion to really make a difference in helping come up with solutions to the issues I have outlined. There are no easy remedies, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t work incredibly hard to come up with the answers; because they do exist – but only under the Labour philosophy.

Oh, I am also extremely passionate about my hometown of Napier. The best city in a wonderful country and a fantastic place to bring up my family.

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Freight being shifted off planes as fuel crisis worsens

September 19, 2017

Export freight is being shifted off flights because of the Government’s failure to manage the risk of disruption to jet fuel supplies, says Labour’s Economic Development spokesperson Stuart Nash.

“It has been revealed to Labour that non-perishable export freight is being removed from flights to lighten the load because of the jet fuel crisis, and workers are turning up to work at Auckland Airport and finding their shifts cancelled.

Police underfunded despite rise in crime

June 07, 2017

As crime continues to rise dairy owners are scared for their lives and communities reel under a record increase in burglary numbers, it has now been revealed that Police received less than three quarters of their bid in this year’s budget, says Labour’s Police spokesman Stuart Nash.

Workers pay the price of Silver Fern’s Fairton closure

May 17, 2017

The threatened closure of Silver Fern Farms’ Fairton Plant in Ashburton raises serious questions about the Government’s support of the sale of half of the company to a foreign company, when it appears this outcome may have been inevitable, says Labour’s Regional Development spokesperson Stuart Nash.

“At the time of the sale in September last year, the decision-making Ministers Louise Upston and Paula Bennett said they were ‘satisfied that the purchase would create substantial and identifiable benefit for New Zealand’.

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