Tony Condon

72Candidate for Selwyn

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Tony has always loved a good debate but with the passing of time he has learned the value of moving beyond mere arguments and coming up with solutions. He is committed to the restoration of Selwyn’s water systems so future generations will be able to enjoy the recreational activities in and around them, as he did. As a starting point, he supports Labour’s pledge to return Environment Canterbury to fully elected representation and believes this is paramount to enabling local waterways to thrive.

Tony’s background in IT took him first to England and later back to Christchurch, and saw him work with Fortune 500 companies and communicate with individuals from all walks of life. Through his interactions with the corporate hierarchy he discovered the importance of giving a voice to the voiceless. As a father of two university-aged sons, he is a strong believer in Labour’s Working Futures policy to provide three years of free training at a university, trade school or polytechnic institutes. He also believes that affordable, healthy homes are indispensable for building communities and giving individuals a sense of stability and wellbeing.


Career Highlights:

  • Bachelor of Commerce and Management from Lincoln University

  • Chair of the Selwyn Labour Electorate Committee 2016-2017

  • Managing Director of Manage IT Business Solutions Ltd