Tony Savage

56Candidate for Whangarei

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Tony is standing for Labour because he wants to play a part in building a successful New Zealand, based on the values of celebrating everyone’s unique contribution and building vibrant inclusive communities.

For too long, the North has been neglected, with too many prisons being built and not enough schools.

Tony wants to see a big change in this lack of direction and failure to invest in our future by instilling belief in ourselves, backed by a central government that’s committed to investing in people and communities. He sees this as the start of rebuilding the North.

Tony grew up in regional New Zealand. He has attended Otago, Auckland and Massey Universities studying law, business and finance.

With a successful career in business and law behind him, Tony is motivated and guided by values of equality, building communities, restoring dignity and security for all New Zealanders.

Tony’s legal background and local business knowledge means that he will be an effective advocate for creative solutions for Northland and Whangarei. He believes that if Whangarei becomes a more productive addition to the country’s economy, this, in turn, will produce a more vibrant and meaningful community for all.