Zélie Allan

Candidate for Waitaki

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Zélie believes health is the main issue for her Waitaki Electorate.  She believes without good health we have nothing. Labour intends to reinstate the $1.7 billion taken from our health system over the past 6 years. Labour will invest in health, including funding primary healthcare, elective surgery, breakthrough life-saving cancer medicines and mental health services.

The delays to the rebuild of the Dunedin Hospital is also a concern that Zélie has, not only for Dunedin but to a large part of her electorate which relies heavily on this facility.  The cost to health and the cuts to the Oamaru Hospital are very concerning for all.

Zélie believes the best indicator of a country’s economic and social success is its investment in education. Her children’s experience of post-school education has relied heavily on the notion that ‘the user pays’. As a parent, Zélie wants the best not only for her own children, but for all Kiwi kids. Labour will provide three years of free post-school education over a person’s lifetime, which can be used for training, apprenticeships or higher education.

Zélie is also concerned about the increasing gap between rich and poor, persistently low wages and job insecurity. Under National, too many people are getting left too far behind.  Labour will find a way for everybody to share in the gains of a growing economy, giving everyone a shot at the Kiwi Dream.

Zélie and her partner Nathan have lived in Oamaru over 30 years, bringing up three children, Matthew (22), Michaela (20) and Reef (14).