New Zealand Labour Party

7 ways we'll make life better for renters

Today, Jacinda announced our plan to make life better for New Zealanders who are renting.

And right now, that’s a lot of us. In 1991, it was one in two people under the age of 40 - now it’s three out of four. And among older New Zealanders, the home ownership rate has fallen from 90% in 1991 to 75% today. So all up, half of us now live in rental properties.

But while those numbers have changed over time, renters’ rights haven’t. They’re still based on the outdated idea that renting is short-term, not long-term, and for people who move around and don’t have kids.

We know that that isn’t the case for so many New Zealanders, and they need more stability, security, and a place that truly feels like home.

That’s exactly why we announced our seven-part plan plan today. Here it is:

  1. We’ll ban letting fees

  2. We’ll increase 42 day notice periods for landlords to 90 days (while ensuring landlords can still get rid of bad tenants)

  3. We’ll require - by law - all rentals to be warm and dry

  4. We’ll give landlords access to grants for insulation and heating

  5. We’ll abolish ‘no cause’ terminations of tenancy

  6. We’ll limit rent increases to one a year

  7. We’ll allow tenants to make alterations in their home - if conditions are met.

You can read our full plan here.

This is all part of our plan to ensure that every New Zealander has a safe, warm, dry place to call home. You can read our full housing plan here, which also includes building affordable starter homes for first home buyers all around the country; cracking down on speculators who force up prices; and helping those in need.

You can also find the full list of all the policies we’ve announced so far here. And if you like our plan to build a better, fairer future for New Zealand, let us know you’re with us here!