New Zealand Labour Party

Baby number app celebrates Labour achievements

Labour has launched an interactive tool that allows New Zealanders to take a look back at our achievements in health over the decades, says Labour’s Health spokesperson Annette King. 

“Today is the 78th anniversary of the Social Security Act 1938, which created New Zealand’s public health system and welfare state. It remains one of our proudest achievements as a country and a party.

“This interactive app will tell you which number baby you are in our public health system and lead you on a remarkable journey through New Zealand’s health system from the moment Labour began its public health revolution in 1938. 

“It underlines how important those reforms of the First Labour Government were in creating a health system that dealt with everything from cheap GP visits to hospital care. 

“It’s touching that there are stories from people who were alive before 1939 who remember the mass graves from the influenza epidemic and the horror of the polio outbreak. 

“Our public health system is central to who we are as a country, but it is under threat from the National Government’s $1.7 billion of cuts to health. This is now starting to turn the screws on everything from being able to go to the doctor to getting the elective surgery you need. 

“The Labour Party of today is as committed to a world class public health system as we were when we created it in 1938,” says Annette King.