New Zealand Labour Party

‘One dollar Bill’s’ meaningful surplus

The Finance Minister has gained a new nickname – One Dollar Bill – by claiming $1 would be a meaningful surplus after six years and two election campaigns promising the books would be hundreds of millions of dollars in the black this year, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson.

“Bill English is so concerned that he will struggle to get the books out of the red this year he declared that a $1 surplus will be ‘meaningful’.

“Even the most hard-up families in this country would struggle to describe $1 as meaningful in the context of an economy of $210 billion GDP.

“A One Dollar Bill surplus would be a joke if it wasn’t such a bad pun.

“National has promised a ‘meaningful’ surplus in 2014/15 to New Zealanders for six years and two election campaigns.

“In the last election campaign they promised a surplus of $297,000,000. Now it turns out he could be out by $296,999,999. That’s a man not in charge of his numbers.

“National’s economic management is incredibly poor. The Government has thrown all its eggs in the dairy basket but with milk prices way down on last year, tax take is on the slide and the Government’s gold-plated surplus is at real risk of turning into a gold coin.

“New Zealanders will not accept a surplus of a dollar after years of promises,” says Grant Robertson.