We’re taking action on climate change

“I refuse to accept the challenge of climate change is too hard to solve.” – Jacinda Ardern

BREAKING NEWS: MPs have voted yes to serious action on climate change!

The Zero Carbon Bill has passed its Third Reading, putting New Zealand on a path to a zero carbon future.

We’re taking action on climate change because we understand the catastrophic cost of doing nothing.

People are calling on us to find lasting, long-term solutions to the challenges facing New Zealand, including climate change.  That’s why we’re looking 30 years ahead, not just three, taking a balanced approach by working with communities, business and our farmers.

We’ve already made huge progress, including with our Zero Carbon Bill which makes New Zealand one of the first countries in the world to write the 1.5C goal into legislation. Our plan to plant one billion trees by 2028 will help us reach our goals for generations to come.

We have an ambitious goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 and we’ve made a lot of progress.

We have:

  • Passed the Zero Carbon Bill legislating to limit warming to 1.5C
  • Set up the independent Climate Change Commission 
  • Built an historic consensus with farmers to bring farming into the ETS by 2025
  • Started planting one billion trees - with more than 140 million already in the ground
  • Banned new offshore oil and gas exploration permits to help confront climate change
  • Made a record investment in R&D
  • Started work to make electric cars more affordable
  • Made climate change a focus in trade talks
  • Invested in Sustainable Land Use
  • Established the Green Investment Fund to invest to reduce emissions
  • Made record investments in public transport.

The climate is changing and we understand that we can’t go on like we have been.

We need to start now. If we don’t, it will take longer, cost more and be harder to fix.

Join our movement for serious action on climate change.