New Zealand Labour Party

Ae Marika! Māori Party Oath Bill fails

The Māori Party must reconsider its relationship with National after they failed to support Marama Fox’s Treaty of Waitangi Oath bill, Labour’s Maori Development Spokesperson Kelvin Davis says.

“Marama Fox failed to get National support for her member’s Bill which was defeated on its first reading by 71 votes to 50.

“The Māori Party is always banging on about the benefits of being at the table with National but clearly it isn’t working and it’s detrimental to Maori.

“Their confidence and supply relationship with National means they’re supposed to support each other. The support doesn’t seem to go both ways as National continue’s to care more about the wealthy than the needy.

“The Māori Party consistently voted in support of National including the state house sell-off, Kiwisaver changes and cuts to the health system.

“Marama Fox describes the relationship accord as being the tail of the dog but it’s more like being National’s little lap-dog.

“The Oath Bill was so non-controversial it is incredible that National wouldn’t back it. How impotent would the Maori Party be if they tried to push major reform?

“Labour supported the Oath Bill because it’s about recognising the importance of the Treaty of Waitangi and honouring Maori rights,” Kelvin Davis says.