New Zealand Labour Party

AgResearch cuts show organisation in chaos

Rumours of further job losses at AgResearch show an organisation in chaos, which is driving scientists offshore when we need opportunities for them to stay in New Zealand, says Labour’s Economic Development Spokesperson David Clark.

“AgResearch has repeatedly failed to meet its business case deadlines for its future footprint restructure. There was supposed to be a new business case in June after the previous process was slammed by the Auditor General.

“Staff are still waiting and now rumours are circulating of 90 more job losses. This would be a major blow to science in this country as many will go offshore.

"From the start, AgResearch indicated the biggest risk to be managed in its restructure was retention of staff. It has failed to manage that risk, and Steven Joyce has failed to call the board to account for a process bungled from start to finish.

“We need to create opportunities for talented scientists in New Zealand to boost our innovation. We are doing the opposite.

"AgResearch's upcoming financial reporting is expected to indicate further financial woes.  New Zealand's largest CRI was amongst its most high performing before Steven Joyce took a role as overseer.  From there it has been all downhill,” says David Clark.