Andrew Little leads NZ delegation on global anti-terrorism taskforce

Justice Minister Andrew Little leaves for the United States today to take part in a global task force that’s tackling terrorism and anti-money laundering.

“I’m looking forward to leading the New Zealand delegation to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Ministerial Meeting in the capital Washington DC on April 12,” says Andrew Little.


“The FATF is the international standard setter for countering the financing of terrorism and anti-money laundering.  Over 200 jurisdictions around the world have committed to the FATF’s recommendations.    

“Our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern has told the world we utterly reject terrorism.

“No terrorist act is possible without funding – for weapons, for supplies, for travel. Understanding how a terrorist or terrorist organisation raises, moves and uses its funds is critical to choking the funds and to disrupting their atrocities.

“The FATF is an intergovernmental organisation founded in 1989 on the initiative of the G7 to develop policies to combat money laundering. In the wake of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, its mandate expanded to include terrorism financing.

“New Zealand has been a member since 1991. Ministers from all FATF member jurisdictions meet every ten years to confirm the FATF’s mandate and set its direction,” says Andrew Little.