Andrew Little visits Zaatari refugee camp

Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Little, has visited the largest Syrian refugee camp in the world, Zaatari in Jordan, a day after seeing New Zealand troops at Camp Taji in Iraq.

Mr Little spent several hours in the camp, meeting with refugee families and staff.

“Seeing first-hand the conditions that Syrian refugees are living in at the Zaatari camp reinforces my view that New Zealand should double its refugee quota.

“We saw thousands upon thousands of people jammed together in primitive conditions. They were children and families, everyday people who just want a decent life, but have been forced from their homes with violence and fear. They are people who yearn for stability and peace.

“As a father, it’s hard not to want the best for these kids. You look at their faces and when you interact with them, you can see they are no different from our own. They’re great kids, and in these circumstances they’ll never have the chance to do the things New Zealand kids take for granted. 

“New Zealanders are a big-hearted, generous people and it is right that we do our bit on the world stage. Our refugee quota hasn’t increased in decades. It is time to double the quota,” Andrew Little says.