Another blow for the Government as DOC staff work to rule

Celebrating Conservation Week this week has become another disaster for the Government as Department of Conservation workers take industrial action, says Labour’s Conservation spokesperson Ruth Dyson. 

“DOC staff are highly regarded, passionate and motivated public servants who take pride in the work they do on behalf of our endangered species and the environment. 

 “They have endured seven years of budget cuts and inadequate recognition of the work they do. They are now working to rule. 

“The Department of Conservation has gone through significant restructuring over recent years in a bid to maintain their jobs with a dramatically reduced budget, and having to resort to corporate sponsorship to do their core work.  

“The folly of the earlier DOC restructuring has now been recognised and it is in the process of being reversed. So in the midst of all this uncertainty and change, the DOC workers are being offered a completely inadequate package in their wage negotiations.

 “It’s time for the Minister to step up to the mark and rather than taking credit for the work others have been doing, put some money where her mouth is and recognise the valuable work the Department of Conservation does for us all,” says Ruth Dyson.