New Zealand Labour Party

Arrogant Government not above the law

The Government must drop its unlawful refusal to follow the Supreme Courts instructions and pay all Red Zone property owners a fair rate for the property it has acquired from them, says Labour’s Canterbury Spokesperson Megan Woods.

“This is appalling judgement from the Government. The Court was clear in its ruling and the Government’s offer to only settle on land is a contemptuous disregard for a decision of the Supreme Court.

“The Government is not above the law. It is alarming that any Government thinks that they can ignore a Court decision.

“The Government will once again find itself in the dock defending its actions in the Canterbury Recovery. Once again the Government is spending taxpayer money forcing Cantabrians through a protracted and expensive round of court proceedings.

“It’s wrong, it’s arrogant and it’s got to stop.

“Labour remains committed to its 2014 election promise that in Government we will comply with the Court’s ruling and pay all Red Zone property owners the full 2007 RV for their properties.

“Five years on, it’s time for the Government to admit they got it wrong, and offer Red-Zoned Cantabrians the full value of their properties. It’s time the government let these people get on with their lives,” says Megan Woods.