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I will work hard every day to make Mana the best place to live, work, go to school, and raise a family.

Titahi Bay, Porirua is home to Barbara, her husband Chris and their eight children. She’s privileged to be the MP for Mana and to serve the place she loves.

Barbara has been moulded and shaped by quintessential Labour values. The safety nets provided by previous Labour governments meant that as a child, she never fell through the cracks. She wants to use these values to make Mana the best place for children to grow up.

Barbara acted as a senior advisor to Ministers under successive governments and was a key contributor to the Government’s law reforms following the March 15 Terror Attacks. She’s proud of her work in helping to make Aotearoa New Zealand a safer place.

Barbara’s priorities for Mana are:

  • Building more affordable warm, dry homes, homes
  • Improving our transport links including delivering upgraded capital connection trains and rail tracks
  • Ensuring quality local education so that children do not have to leave the electorate to learn

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