New Zealand Labour Party

Bay growth plan too little too late

Today’s Bay of Plenty growth study from MBIE is another example of Government spin - lots of talk but little action, says Labour’s Regional Development spokesperson David Cunliffe. 

“This is a region that desperately needs to develop the downstream processing of its timber. Instead it’s laying off mill workers and exporting its raw logs and jobs offshore. 

“Forestry and Aquaculture offer huge potential in the Eastern Bay. The Opotiki Harbour development is another major project that has been waiting for years for the Government to give the go ahead. It is an economic and social no brainer. 

“This Government inaction  comes at the same time the Salvation Army’s Mixed Fortunes report shows the divide between the cities and the rest of the country is widening,” says David Cunliffe. 

“Our rural areas are suffering  and yet it is regions like the Bay that are critical to New Zealand’s economic engine. 

“The Government needs to stop dithering and commit to industries like forestry and support the Opotiki port project. The fact is that regional growth is not happening in some areas of New Zealand. They are going backwards.”