New Zealand Labour Party

Bennett resorts to snide attack on the vulnerable

Paula Bennett is once again engaging in snide attacks on our most vulnerable citizens when under her Government more Kiwis than ever before are living in garages and campgrounds, Labour’s Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford says.

“The Social Housing Minister is claiming people are turning down state houses because of things like birds chirping in the trees next door, while National is selling-off state houses and leaving 2000 around the country empty.

“Paula Bennett enjoyed the benefit of a state house herself but cannot pass up an opportunity to stick the boot into state house tenants who don't get the opportunity to defend themselves. What a hypocrite she is.

“Her attack comes after the Government took half a billion dollars out of Housing NZ and has cut the number of state houses by more than 1000.

“The most common reason I hear about people turning down their houses is their appalling condition which is hardly surprising when cold, damp, mouldy houses are killing children like Emma-Lita Bourne.

“There are thousands of hard up Kiwi families desperate to get a state house but cannot get a foot in the door under National’s policy,” Phil Twyford says.