New Zealand Labour Party

Leaving a lasting legacy

Leave a lasting legacy to the New Zealand Labour Party by including us in your Will.

The Labour Party started its life as a party of change – a voice for the working classes who believed a better future was possible. To this day, the values of change, equality and a better future for all, remain a core part of our mission.

For over 100 years, the Labour Party has continued to grow and broaden its policies and membership to reflect the aspirations of all those who want to change New Zealand for the better.

Labour Governments have implemented some of the key social and industrial reforms that make New Zealand the great country it is, including:

  • Founding the social welfare system, giving support to the elderly, sick and those unable to work;
  • Introducing the 40 hour working week, paid parental leave, supporting the rights of union members to negotiate and other key rights at work;
  • Creating free and quality public health and education systems for all New Zealanders;
  • Creating the Accident Compensation Corporation;
  • Asserting New Zealand's Nuclear-free stance and standing up for what's right at the United Nations and overseas;
  • Introducing KiwiSaver, KiwiBank and the Super Fund.
  • Creating the Waitangi Tribunal;
  • And standing up for equality for all New Zealanders.

Including the Labour Party in your Will is a special commitment to ensuring the values of our movement live on.

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