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I want Aotearoa to be a place where our children can have a prosperous, sustainable future. I support this Government’s plan to act boldly and tackle inequality and climate change head on.

I’m proud to be standing for Labour in the beautiful Coromandel with its diverse communities and resilient, community-minded residents.

Living in Thames, I work across Coromandel supporting people with mental health issues. I see the financial and other challenges families face daily.

I will bring my skills and experience as a businesswoman, teacher, psychologist, school principal, community volunteer and senior public service manager to be an effective MP for Coromandel.

I pledge to be a strong advocate for Coromandel’s environmental, social, creative, and economic future:

  • Helping families in need through the cost of living crisis
  • Safeguarding our natural resources, tackling climate change – with a focus on weather events and local farming and fishing industries
  • Improving health and education, and addressing poverty
  • Promoting best practice in Policing and Justice sectors
  • Championing local tourism
  • Developing job / business opportunities by promoting innovation and building infrastructure, e.g., roading, housing, and public projects.

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