New Zealand Labour Party

Big changes needed for prostate cancer patients

The Government must take urgent steps to improve the survival rates of New Zealand men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer who are dying at twice the rates of their British counterparts, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“A new report out today highlights an appalling lack of consistency in the care and treatment of men diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer in New Zealand. 

“As someone who has had personal experience of prostate cancer I know exactly how devastating diagnosis can be.

“New Zealand was once a world leader in health care, yet our death rates from all cancers now lag behind survival rates in other countries, including Australia.

“Today’s report must be impetus for us to lift our game, to not only develop guidelines for care but also address inequalities and improve access to treatment.

“Prostate cancer is the most commonly-diagnosed form of cancer in New Zealand men. It deserves the same amount of attention here as it is receiving internationally,” Andrew Little says.