Black Tears for Pike River

A provocative choral work called Black Tears by Fraser Bremner has premiered in New Plymouth showcasing an important reminder that New Zealand is still thinking about the tragedy which took 29 lives, says Minister Responsible for Pike River Re-Entry Andrew Little.

The Minister attended the premiere at the Theatre Royal in the town he grew up in, weeks after taking the significant symbolic steps with families still grieving and looking for justice.

“I walked 30 metres into the entrance of the Pike River Mine with Family Reference Group members Anna Osborne, whose husband Milton was killed, and Sonya Rockhouse, whose son Ben was killed in the national tragedy.

“This was a huge moment for Anna and Sonya – it was the closest they have been able to get to their men in eight years.  It was a huge privilege to be there with them, to witness the emotions that are still raw for these people who had been let down consistently, and to hear their determination for justice on behalf of their men.

“The Stand With Pike Family Reference Group wanted to pass on their appreciation to the composer Fraser Bremner, and the Combined Forces musicians.

“This event is very meaningful for Anna and Sonya and the Pike River families – it show once again that New Zealand remembers the loss of the 29 men who should have come home from their jobs that day in November 2010,” says Andrew Little.