New Zealand Labour Party

Blackmail threat a dangerous protest

Reports of a threat to poison infant formula should be seen for what they are – an idiotic and extreme protest that puts our economy at risk, Labour’s Primary Industries and Food Safety spokesperson Damien O’Connor says.

“Food safety and the health of children is the highest priority for all New Zealand’s food producers and exporters.

“While Labour respects freedom of speech, such threats are dangerous and will do nothing to help the protesters’ cause.

“Fonterra is a major player in international dairy exports and must be prepared for risks – real or threatened.

“Labour hopes the Ministry for Primary Industries has the resources to manage this serious issue, while it also struggles to contain the Queensland fruit fly outbreak in Auckland.

“We offer our full support to Police investigating this blackmail attempt and urge the public to do anything they can to help identify the idiot or idiots responsible,” Damien O’Connor says.