New Zealand Labour Party

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Keeping our communities safe

We’re updating our gun control laws to stop the flow of firearms from reaching the hands of criminals, to help keep New Zealanders and their families safe.

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Week That Was: Rolling out mental health support

This week was a mental health week of action! We rolled out mental health and addiction support in GPs, announced our suicide prevention strategy and much more!

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Week That Was: Helping you into a home

This week we’ve made more progress, announcing our plans to help more first-home buyers into homes, clean up our rivers, deliver better cancer care and more!

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Cleaning up our rivers

We’re cleaning up our rivers and lakes. After nine years of neglect, our waterways are under serious threat. Many of the spots we used to swim are now unswimmable.

New Zealanders want us to clean up rivers – so we’re getting on with it!

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Getting more Kiwis into homes

We’re taking action to help more New Zealanders into homes, with an innovative new ownership scheme that will help hopeful home owners buy a house over time.

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Better cancer care

We're taking action to ensure New Zealanders living with cancer have access to high quality care no matter who they are or where they live.

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Week That Was: Lunches in schools

This week we’ve made more progress tackling child poverty, keeping our communities safe with more police on the beat and backing working New Zealanders by reinforcing our commitment to keep the retirement age at 65.

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Week That Was: Making progress on the tough, long-term issues

It's been another week of making progress on the issues that matter most to New Zealanders. We know there's a lot to fix, but we're getting on with the job.

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Week That Was: More apprenticeships for young people

We're backing New Zealanders to succeed through education, training, and apprenticeships. And that's only one of many things we've been delivering on this week...

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