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Our volunteers: The core and backbone of our Party


Grant Robertson discusses the huge contribution made by Labour Party volunteers, their crucial role in the election campaign …. and the dangers of taking a pen to your first Labour meeting.

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Essential Viewing


Last week I stumbled across the first episode of Nigel Latta’s six-part TV series. In the lead-up to the election it’s essential viewing. In it he covers issues like home ownership, work and wages, the cost of living, and the growing gap between the haves and have nots.

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Tamati's Big Red Fundraiser


Wow. I’d never organised a fundraiser before.

Some people have got that organising gene and some people don’t.

I don’t really, but I’m a hard worker and I love a good challenge.

Picture this. Saturday night, venue all set, drinks poured, photographers arrived, tickets sold - but would anyone show up?

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Labour Posters are going up!


We've got massive posters up all around the country. They're about Labour's plan for a positive future for New Zealand that puts people first.

The posters in the photos here are in Auckland, but there's lots more going up around New Zealand.

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Our Work and Wages policy

Work and Wages

I want New Zealand to be the fairest, most decent, society in the world. To get there we need to grow the economy. But we also need to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to get ahead. That’s because people matter most.

It’s no secret that wages in New Zealand are too low – over the last few decades we’ve seen the share of the economy that Kiwis get through their wages fall from 55% of GDP to 45%. The last Labour Government brought it back from a low of 40%, but it’s still too low.

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Reaching out to voters


This is going to be the biggest grassroots campaign we’ve ever run.

A couple of weeks ago I shared some of the stats from our voter outreach programme with the media. It’s campaign activity that’s often hidden from view, but we thought it was time to celebrate the hard work of supporters up and down the country who have been dedicated to this work for ages.

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Lorde on Voting

The Electoral Commission is doing some great work this year in an effort to raise youth turnout. Their latest video features Lorde. At 17, she’s still too young to vote herself but lends her weight to the importance of having a say.

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Labour's TV ad - Behind the Scenes! Day 2!


We followed up a great day’s shooting at the Marae with filming for the general broadcast ads. The scenes in these mirror what we’ve done on the hoardings and speak to the importance of good work, affordable homes, and the best start for kids.

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Epsom's Opportunity


On doorstep after doorstep, Epsom voters are telling me and my team they want to be able to vote for their local representative on their own terms. They've have had enough of shabby political deals being done here.

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