Returning to Labour's Roots

Blackball is Labour's spiritual home – a mining town with strong and deep roots in the union movement and organised Labour. The 'cribtime' strike at Blackball in 1908 created the national union structure in New Zealand. The fight for better conditions at work began there and in other towns like Blackball, at the end of the 19th and start of the 20th Centuries.

And last weekend, Andrew Little headed to the Labour Party Region 5 (top of the South Island) regional conference, held in Blackball to celebrate Labour's Centenary.

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Speech to NZ Planning Institute conference

Thank you for the invitation to speak today. Ever since Bill English said he wasn’t going to allow 20 planners to hold the economy to ransom I’ve been intrigued by your profession’s power and influence.

Who would have believed urban form would become one of the country’s hottest political issues?

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Labour: Backing Young Entrepreneurs

The next Labour Government will encourage innovative and driven young entrepreneurs to create a viable business by providing training, a business mentor and up to $20,000 capital for successful applicants in its Young Entrepreneurs Plan, Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little says.

“The changing nature of work is creating a new generation of smart, innovative young Kiwis who need nurturing and capital to get successful ideas off the ground.

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Ten Big Ideas

Labour’s Future of Work Commission consultation has been developed into Ten Big Ideas that will help shape Labour’s policy development.

We’ve pulled the consultation together into Ten Big Ideas that give a snapshot of the ideas and thinking of the Commission so far. 

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The Future of Work Conference

You can watch the livestream back here:

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Towards a shared prosperity

Labour’s Future of Work conference, which kicks off on Wednesday, brings together some of the world’s most progressive thinkers to look at how best New Zealand can respond to the rapidly changing nature of work. 

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The power of one, plus twins

The final submissions were heard on Labour’s proposal to extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks this week, marking another chapter in this important debate.

Never under-estimate the power of a good submission – some of the most powerful are when people come along and tell their personal stories.

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Andrew Little responds

The way comments made by me have been reported are baffling. Of more concern, however, is that they may have offended anyone. I would never want for anyone in this country to feel they are being somehow targeted. That's not what I stand for and it's not what Labour stands for either. 

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Growing gun use impetus for reforms

Another weekend, another shooting tragedy, another devastated family, another shocked community. Turn the page.

We are almost becoming desensitised to these sort of crimes now, but this certainly isn't the case if you are a front line police officer, unsure who has and who hasn't got a gun, or whether the next door you knock on will contain a hardened criminal with no fear or respect.  

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Zero hour contracts are history

It took a year and a half, 56,500 signatures and a whole lot of campaigning, but we did it; we’ve put an end to zero hour contracts.

Today’s victory is a win for all those Kiwi workers required to be available for work but who have no work guaranteed.

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