Investing in Otago and the West Coast

The Provincial Growth Fund continues to provide much-needed investment in our regions - this time with a focus on the South Island.

We've announced two major investments from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) for Otago and the West Coast.

Both of these regions will benefit hugely from projects that will see the PGF work hand-in-hand with local and regional councils.

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Week That Was: A huge week for housing!

Our new Week That Was series will give you a round-up of all the achievements, announcements, and other political goings-ons around Parliament and across the country over the past week. We're proud of all we're doing to make New Zealand a great place to live - and we want to share it with you!

In this week's edition, we look back at a week jam-packed with housing and infrastructure announcements, including KiwiBuild, insulation grants, funding for local councils, and many other developments....

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FAQ: KiwiBuild

In recent years, Kiwis have been finding it harder and harder to buy their first home.

Many New Zealanders are finding themselves locked out of the housing market altogether. It isn’t right that Kiwis who work hard and save responsibly are still unable to buy their first home in this country.

That's why we've launched KiwiBuild, a transformative programme to build quality, affordable starter homes for first home buyers.

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What we're doing for families

Many of you have spoken out about the pressure facing New Zealand families today.

We’ve heard you – and we’re taking real action.

Our Families Package includes smart, targeted support for Kiwis who are working and raising a family – and it's fully rolled out today, 1 July.

By managing our money well and making smart decisions in our last Budget, we can deliver real results for Kiwis across the country.

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Positive Politics: Let's work together for Kiwis

Since being in Government, we've been busy rebuilding critical infrastructure and funding those public services calling out for help.

Yet, at every move along the way, a negative Opposition has been determined to make the path towards progress as difficult as possible.

At the end of the day, Kiwis expect us to pull together and put people before politics.

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Our history of supporting families

Labour has always supported Kiwi families.

Health, housing, and education have been at the heart of the Labour Party since our founding just over a hundred years ago. That’s because we know these are the essential public services Kiwis rely on.

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Our plan for transport

We’re doing some major work on our transport all around the country.

Our new 10-year transport plan will include much-needed investment in roads, rail, and public transport, with a major emphasis on road safety.

We're tackling gridlock in our cities, raising productivity and making the daily commute a whole lot less painful.

And we're making our roads safer, to make sure we can save more lives.

Ultimately, we are building a transport system to work for us now, and to keep working for us into the future.

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FAQ: Our Transport Plan

Today we've announced our exciting and progressive new 10-year plan for transport, unlocking the potential of our cities and regions and making strides forward for road safety.

Let's address some of the common questions we've been hearing about our plan...

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Congratulations from around the world

Jacinda Ardern gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 4:45pm yesterday, making her only the second woman in history to give birth while Prime Minister.

News of the arrival has resonated around the world, with several notable figures and groups taking the opportunity to congratulate Jacinda and her partner Clarke.

Take a look at just some of the messages across social media over the last 24 hours:

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Q+A with Hon Iain Lees-Galloway

In the wake of the Fair Pay Agreements announcement, we sat down with Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety Hon Iain Lees-Galloway, to chat about what we are doing to help New Zealand's businesses and workers. 

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