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Light Rail to Roskill: Planning for the future

I’m utterly thrilled about Labour’s commitment today to bring modern Light Rail to Mt Roskill.

Labour’s plan will see modern light rail from Wynyard corner, through the CBD, and down Dominion Rd to Mt Roskill. We’ve committed to funding fifty percent of the capital cost, in partnership with Auckland Council. You can read more details about the policy announcement here.

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Andrew Little's Tribute to Helen Kelly

Today, we have lost a champion of working people and many of us have lost a dear friend.

Helen Kelly leaves a strong legacy. She was an inspirational New Zealander.

Helen was utterly fearless. She fought not just for union members but for the dignity of all working people.

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New Zealanders deserve to feel safe in their homes

Being safe in our homes and safe in our communities is part of the Kiwi dream. Under National, that is under threat. For years, National has under-funded Police and crime is getting out of control.

There are fewer Police Officers today than there were in 2014, even though the population of New Zealand has grown by 170,000 in the past two years. Community police stations have been closed. 86% of Police Association members say that front line Police are under resourced.

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More police for safer communities

The Issue

Being safe in our homes and safe in our communities is part of the Kiwi dream. Under National, that is under threat. For years, National has under-funded Police and crime is getting out of control.

Since National came to office, population growth and inflation have added a combined 25% to Police costs but Vote Police has risen by just 14%.

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Together, we can end homelessness

This year, New Zealanders have seen the full extent of homelessness in our country today.

We’ve seen the dozens of families sleeping at marae. We’ve seen landlords renting out garages as illegal accommodation to desperate people at extortionate prices. We have seen the young people living in tents and cars because they’ve got nowhere else to go. We have seen the government charging families tens of thousands of dollars to live in motels, at the same time as they sell off state houses.

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Ending Homelessness in New Zealand: Summary of Recommendations

The recommendations of the Cross-Party Homelessness Inquiry are as follows:

1. Roll out Housing First as the primary response to severe homelessness.

2. Increase the State housing stock.

3. A systemic fix to the housing crisis: Build more affordable houses, reduce the cost of building a home, and tackle speculation in the property market.

4. Create a national strategy to end homelessness.

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Labour's housing reform agenda

This blog post was originally published on The Standard, here.

The Labour Party’s centenary is a great time to be talking about housing because housing plays a starring role in our party’s proud history.

Housing is never far from the action when Labour is in Government. When National is in power, housing problems inevitably start to pile up.

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Of tertiary agents, rorts and Ministerial spin

Trouble within the tertiary education sector continues to brew despite Minister Steven Joyce's attempts to push allegations of corruption or malpractice under the rug.

Potential mismanagement and fraud appear to be rife among private training establishments (PTEs) and the Minister continues to turn a blind eye.  

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Speech to the Industry Training Federation

Tēnā Koutou Katoa

Thank you Jenny for the introduction. Jenny is one of our newest MPs, but she is already emerging as a star performer. We are very proud to have her in caucus.

Thank you all for inviting me to speak today.

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