Andrew Little: Speech to Labour Party Conference

E nga mana

E nga tapu

E Te whanau o te roopu reipa

Tena koutou katoa

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Factsheet: Ready for Work

Labour has a plan to give young people opportunity and hope. Our vision is that all young people who are able, will be in work, training or education, including through Ready for Work.

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Annette King: Speech to Labour Party Conference

Kia ora tatou nau mai haere mai

As I told you last year delegates, I have something in common with Hilary Clinton, I’m the same age!

Come Wednesday she will, hopefully, be the 45th President of the United States – their first woman president.

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A plan for the future

Everyone knows that the world of work is changing. Technology is developing at a pace faster than ever before, and many of the jobs and roles we know today simply won’t exist in a decade. 

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Grant Robertson: Launch of the Future of Work Commission Report


This year my speech to conference as Finance Spokesperson is a bit different. 

Normally I would regale you with the tales about Blasé Bill, our Finance Minister and Chief Accumulator of Debt.  

And there is much to talk about when it comes to the economy. 

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Winning, together.

The slogan of Hillary Clinton’s campaign is ‘stronger together’. It's an idea that I think also applies to how I have approached leading the Labour Party and the Opposition. It explains why we have had so many wins in the last two years, and why the polls show the race for 2017 is now neck and neck. 

The right wing of politics is always about dividing people from each other: whether on ethnicity, employment status, sexual identity, or simply those who have and the have nots.

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Light Rail to Roskill: Planning for the future

I’m utterly thrilled about Labour’s commitment today to bring modern Light Rail to Mt Roskill.

Labour’s plan will see modern light rail from Wynyard corner, through the CBD, and down Dominion Rd to Mt Roskill. We’ve committed to funding fifty percent of the capital cost, in partnership with Auckland Council. You can read more details about the policy announcement here.

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Andrew Little's Tribute to Helen Kelly

Today, we have lost a champion of working people and many of us have lost a dear friend.

Helen Kelly leaves a strong legacy. She was an inspirational New Zealander.

Helen was utterly fearless. She fought not just for union members but for the dignity of all working people.

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New Zealanders deserve to feel safe in their homes

Being safe in our homes and safe in our communities is part of the Kiwi dream. Under National, that is under threat. For years, National has under-funded Police and crime is getting out of control.

There are fewer Police Officers today than there were in 2014, even though the population of New Zealand has grown by 170,000 in the past two years. Community police stations have been closed. 86% of Police Association members say that front line Police are under resourced.

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More police for safer communities

The Issue

Being safe in our homes and safe in our communities is part of the Kiwi dream. Under National, that is under threat. For years, National has under-funded Police and crime is getting out of control.

Since National came to office, population growth and inflation have added a combined 25% to Police costs but Vote Police has risen by just 14%.

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