Speech on Notice of Motion on Orlando

Mr Speaker,

The Labour Party joins with the government in expressing our horror at this atrocity and our love and sympathy are with the victims and their families.

Our thoughts are with the people of Orlando and of the United States, as well as their representatives here in New Zealand.

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Introducing Michael Wood – Labour's Candidate for Mt Roskill

Roskill is my home, the place I love.

Julie and I decided that this was where we wanted to settle and build our lives back in 2002, and we haven’t looked back. Our oldest boys go to one of our wonderful local public schools, I’ve spent time volunteering for many local community groups, we enjoy the stunning Waikowhai Coast where I tramp around in the bush trapping rats and possums, and of course both Julie and I have spent the past six years working on the Puketāpapa Local Board.

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Time for a change of government

Andrew Little became the first Labour Leader to speak at a Green Party conference when he addressed its AGM on Saturday.

As the Herald reported Andrew received a “rapturous response” and a standing ovation.

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Andrew Little's Speech to Green Party AGM 2016

Thank you very much.

I have accepted the invitation to speak to your conference out of a profound sense of responsibility.

I am here because I believe those on the progressive side of politics owe it to New Zealanders to offer the hope that change is possible.

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Putting people ahead of politics

In the coming weeks, John Key will decide whether or not to use a financial veto against families with new babies having 26 weeks paid parental leave.

Our Parliament has been debating this measure since 2012, when my Bill was first pulled from the ballot. For almost all of that time, a majority of MPs have supported this measure.

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Immigration - it's about basic fairness

Immigration is important to New Zealand. We’re a nation built on immigration. But our immigration system was never supposed to be used to prop up a low wage economy and exploit new migrants.

A new report from Treasury has warned the Government that immigration is increasingly being used to fill low-skill, low wage jobs, rather than to fill the skills shortages we need to grow our economy and create more jobs for everyone.

"It benefits us economically and enriches us culturally."

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Working together for change

When I became Labour leader, I made it clear that we couldn’t head into the next election leaving voters in doubt about what we stood for and who we’d work with.

Since then we’ve rebuilt Labour from our worst election defeat – uniting our caucus, reforming our Party and building a strong, progressive policy platform.

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Q+A: Labour and Greens Memorandum of Understanding

Why an MOU?

It is about being clear with New Zealanders that Labour and the Green Party will be working together to change the Government. We believe the interests of our movements and ideals can best be achieved by working co-operatively while respecting we are separate parties with our own policies and principles.

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Have health services been cut in your area?

Click here to use the Health Map

Over the last six years, National has cut $1.7 billion from our health system in real terms. As costs have increased, funding for our health services just hasn’t kept up.

And after cost pressures – like population growth, ageing and inflation – are taken into account, yesterday’s Budget announcements in health only continue the cuts to our health services.

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Andrew Little and Grant Robertson discuss Budget 2016

Middle New Zealand has again missed out in this year's Budget with not a single fix for the housing crisis, and health and education again woefully underfunded.

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