News & Achievements

Supporting more Kiwis into jobs

We’re helping more Kiwis into work, to help support whānau, grow our skilled workforce and secure our economy for future generations.

During our time in Government, we’ve delivered record low unemployment rates, as well as a steady fall in the number of New Zealanders receiving a main benefit, and we’re continuing to support people into jobs.

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Making childcare more affordable

We know childcare is one of the biggest costs for working families. That’s why, as part of our work to support New Zealanders with the cost of living, we’re making childcare more affordable for low and middle income families.

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Jacinda Ardern: Speech to the Labour Party Conference 2022

As we near the end of 2022, Jacinda Ardern addresses the Labour Party Conference in South Auckland. Watch the Labour Leader’s speech here.

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Kelvin Davis: Address to the Labour Party Conference 2022

I often refer to, and draw inspiration from, our tupuna, and when I reflect on the last few years the words of a famous Ngapuhi chief Te Ruki Kawiti come to mind.

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Grant Robertson: Speech to the Labour Party Conference 2022

Labour Finance Spokesperson Grant Robertson speaks at the Labour Party Conference in South Auckland.

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100 things we’ve delivered this year

Over the past year, we’ve worked hard to deliver for Kiwis. As we’ve continued to secure our economy, we’ve also made good progress across long term challenges like climate change, housing, and health.

While there is more to do, we’ve achieved a lot over the past year.

Here are just 100 of the things we’ve delivered since November 2021:

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New Zealand’s place in the world

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recently gave a speech on the economy and New Zealand’s place in the world.

Here’s a super quick overview of what she had to say about global challenges, like workforce shortages, and why New Zealand can be optimistic about the future.

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Five years of progress with Labour

Our Government has a very clear vision for New Zealand’s future.

It’s one where our economy provides security and opportunities for every New Zealander and their family. It’s one where everyone has a healthy, affordable place to call home. It’s one where all of us have access to world-class healthcare. It’s one where we look after our environment for generations to come.

We’ve worked hard to put in place the foundations for this future – and while there’s still more work to do, we’ve made good progress.

Because of the big, long-term challenges that we inherited in 2017 – like the national housing crisis, climate change, child poverty, and a neglected health system – it can sometimes be easy to forget how far we’ve come.  

So five years on, here’s a look at just some of the progress that we’ve made:

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Backing workers with Fair Pay Agreements

We've now delivered on our election commitment to back Kiwi workers with Fair Pay Agreements.

Fair Pay Agreements make it easier for workers across an industry or occupation to bargain for better wages and working conditions.

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