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Labour hits the road with Budget 2022

There’s lots in this year’s Budget, from a cost of living package designed to ease pressure on New Zealanders in the face of global inflation, to a record investment in health for more nurses and more lifesaving medicines.

Labour MPs have been all over the country this week to share with New Zealanders how Budget 2022 will support them, their families, and their communities.

Here’s just a few of week’s highlights:

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Jacinda Ardern: Harvard Commencement Speech

Protecting Kiwi businesses against ram raids

We’ve worked hard to make sure our communities are safer places for everyone to live. Since taking office in 2017, we’ve delivered New Zealand’s largest Police force ever, taken action on gang violence, and extended successful rehabilitation programmes to break the cycle of offending.

We have seen a significant reduction in youth crime since taking office in 2017 but more recently there has been a spike in ram raids. We’ve responded quickly to this spike by providing new support to small businesses to protect them from this criminal activity.

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13 highlights of Budget 2022

Our Government has just released this year’s Budget, which sets out the next steps in our plan to build a high wage, low carbon economy that gives economic security in good times and in bad. It’s full of initiatives that speed up our economic recovery and ease cost pressures for New Zealanders.

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Extra support with the cost of living

At the heart of this year’s Budget is our cost of living package, designed to ease the pressure on New Zealanders in the face of global inflation.

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What to expect in Budget 2022

Budget 2022 has now been released! To see more about what's in the Budget, click here.

Tomorrow, the Government will release this year’s Budget, setting out the next steps in our plan to build a high wage, low carbon economy that gives economic security in good times and in bad. While the full details will be kept under wraps until Thursday afternoon, we’ve announced a few Budget policies ahead of time – providing a sneak preview of what you can expect on Budget Day.

In case you missed the news, you can read about a few of the initiatives we’ve already announced. 

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Next steps in our plan to address climate change

As a Government, we made it clear to New Zealanders that we’d take meaningful action on climate change, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Earlier today, we released our next steps with our Emissions Reduction Plan – which will meet the Climate Commission’s independent science-based emissions reduction targets, and new investments from the Climate Emergency Response Fund.

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The next steps in our plan to speed up New Zealand’s economic growth

Today, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a major package of reforms to address the immediate skill shortages in New Zealand and speed up our economic growth.

These include an early reopening to the world, a major milestone for international education, and a simplification of immigration settings to ensure New Zealand has the skilled workforce needed to build back better.

Here are the details:

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Six ways we’re reducing cost pressures for New Zealanders

Since the day we came into Government, we’ve worked hard to lift wages and reduce cost pressures facing New Zealanders. But we know the rising cost of living, driven by worldwide inflation and the war in Ukraine, is making things particularly tough right now. That’s why we’ve stepped up our efforts.

Here are just six of the ways we’re supporting New Zealanders:

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