News & Achievements

Labour’s health response to COVID-19

We went hard and early in our health response to COVID-19 – and it worked. After a short period of lockdown, we were able to safely ease restrictions and open up our economy much quicker than many other countries. We had a plan in place to combat a resurgence, which meant that we were able to act swiftly and decisively when we had a second outbreak.

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Labour’s plan for managing our borders

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, robust border controls are essential to protect New Zealanders and keep our economy moving. Labour will continue to carefully manage our borders to keep New Zealanders safe, while ensuring businesses can access the skilled workers they need for our recovery.

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Labour’s infrastructure investment

One of the key ways we’re keeping New Zealand moving through our COVID-19 response is by investing in shovel-ready infrastructure projects. No country is immune to the economic impact of COVID-19, but with targeted infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand, we are creating new jobs and ensuring our communities have the hospitals, schools, roads and clean energy they need for the future.

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Who should I vote for?

It’s now less than one month until election day. If you still haven’t decided who you’re voting for, check out our handy guide below to help you make up your mind!

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A vote for National is a vote for putting on the brakes

Thinking about voting National in this year’s election? Here are five reasons you might like to reconsider ahead of 17 October.

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How Labour’s team is leading New Zealand

During our time in Government, the Labour team has worked hard to improve the wellbeing of New Zealanders while making progress on the long-term challenges facing our country. There’s still more to do, but our track record shows that our team is leading New Zealand in the right direction.

Read more about our Ministers and their work to support New Zealanders and our COVID recovery below.

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What’s the difference between National and Labour?

Still weighing up who to vote for in this year’s election? Here are five key differences between National and Labour to help you make your decision.

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Week that was: Jobs, trades training and supporting Kiwi workers

It was another busy week out on the campaign trail, with Labour focused on jobs, training, and supporting Kiwi workers. As we continue to roll out our five-point plan for recovery, we’re investing in our people, businesses, communities and vital services, so we can keep our economy moving as we rebuild New Zealand together.

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Labour is backing our regions for recovery

Our regions are a vital part of our economic recovery plan. They’re home to innovative and creative businesses, and the backbone of our export economy - which is why Labour will continue to support our regions to grow as together, we rebuild better.

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