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Modern hospitals, quality care: Labour’s record on health

We believe that when New Zealanders need healthcare, they deserve to have it delivered in a safe and healthy environment. Patients and staff shouldn’t have to worry about mould or rot in hospital walls – but that was the reality when Labour came into Government in 2017. We inherited a health system under serious strain, following years of neglect and underinvestment by National.

Over the past three years, we’ve worked hard to turn this around to ensure more New Zealanders can get quality care, when and where they need it – and we’ve made good progress.

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Why we support increasing the minimum wage

Labour has a proud history of standing for fairness at work, supporting the development of high-quality, high wage jobs and for improving the quality of life for New Zealand workers.

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Working with farmers for a better future

Farmers play a key role in our economy and in our communities, and will be at the forefront of our COVID recovery. Labour has worked in partnership with Kiwi farmers over the past three years and together we’ve tackled Mycoplasma bovis, worked through droughts and flooding, started cleaning up our waterways, and taken steps towards a more sustainable economy.

As part of our rebuild and recovery plan, we’re committed to backing our farmers so we can keep moving forward together. Here’s a look at what we’ve achieved together over the past three years.

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Is National really better than Labour with the economy? Yeah, nah.

National tells New Zealanders to trust them with the economy, but recent data shows they’re not the strong economic managers they like to claim.

Labour has a strong track record of keeping debt under control. We’ve worked hard over the past three years to pay down the debt we inherited from the previous National Government, and manage the books responsibly – and the results speak for themselves.

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Minimum wage increases vs. tax cuts – what really boosts the economy?

This election, Labour and National have set out very different proposals for growing our economy and supporting New Zealanders through our COVID recovery. But when it comes to real results, the experts are clear – only our plan will keep New Zealand moving.

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Do Kiwis trust Labour more than National on the economy? Three polls say yes.

As our economic rebuild gets underway, New Zealand needs a strong, responsible government to lead our recovery. National bills itself as the Party with economic credibility, but that’s not what the numbers show or what voters believe.

In the past five months, three polls have consistently shown that more New Zealanders trust Labour to run our economy than National – and by significant margins.

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Better healthcare for Kiwis

From mental health support in every primary and intermediate school to more publicly-funded medicines, Labour’s plan for health will ensure New Zealanders can get quality care.

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Labour’s plan for plastic and waste

As part of our plan to build back better, we’re taking action on waste and improving recycling to protect our environment, create jobs and future proof our economy.

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Week that was: Three weeks to go!

Today marks three weeks until the election, and the campaign is ramping up. This week, we’ve continued to focus on our economic recovery, announcing our plan to reduce costs for farmers and growers. We also set out our commitment to continuing our partnership with Māori as we rebuild together.

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