News & Achievements

Week That Was: More apprenticeships for young people

We're backing New Zealanders to succeed through education, training, and apprenticeships. And that's only one of many things we've been delivering on this week...

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Week That Was: Lowest unemployment in 11 years

It's been a week of delivery, from delivering low unemployment, to delivering better cancer care - with the the biggest investment in radiation therapy ever - and so much more.

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Week That Was: Building more houses and rebuilding our education system

From helping more families into homes to transforming our trades education, it's been a busy week for our Government. Here's what we've been working on this week.


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Week That Was: Future leaders lead the way on environment

We've reached an historic consensus with farmers, released our 10-year plan to save lives on our roads, and welcomed all our Youth MPs to Youth Parliament to talk about the environment, sustainability, and climate change! Plus much more...


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The Zero Carbon Bill Explained

The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill is currently being considered by the Environment Select Committee before it goes to second reading, but it could be facing opposition.

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Week That Was: Five awesome things Labour's doing for New Zealand

We've been busy! Have a look at just five things we've been working on this week to make New Zealand a better place...


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Week That Was: New classrooms for 100,000 kids

We've had another great week of progress for New Zealand! We're moving forward, taking on the long-term challenges with smart, practical solutions. 

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1 July: Good progress on long-term goals

We want to improve the wellbeing of every single New Zealander. To do that, we have to think longer than just a three-year-term, and look at the things that really matter to Kiwis – like having a healthy place to live, enough money to raise a family, and a good future to look forward to.

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What we're doing for families

Many of you have spoken out about the pressure facing New Zealand families today.

We’ve heard you – and we’re taking real action.

Our Families Package includes smart, targeted support for Kiwis who are working and raising a family. It was fully rolled out on 1 July, 2018.

By managing our money well and making smart decisions in our last Budget, we are making good progress on real results for Kiwis across the country.

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